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Ebb & Nova combines an alternative blend of indie and folk to create "Honest, heartfelt music that seeps into the soul and slowly fills you up with nostalgic, melancholic happiness. The entwining lyrics with plenty of vivid imagery, combined with the soft vocals and instrumentation really make Ebb & Nova something special." - AlexrainbirdMusic


Ebb & Nova are songwriters Lauren Padgett (vocals, guitar) and Matthew Purpora (lead guitar), from Baltimore, MD, who started as a duo in 2015. In 2016, they were accompanied by Steven Bainbridge (cello) and Patrick Brynes (percussion). The band gained recognition with their win of the Hard Rock "Sound Off Live" competition, putting them on festival main stages for months to come. Utilizing this momentum and their 'do it yourself' attitude, Ebb & Nova quickly gained a local following and started touring the coast. This self made success propelled the band to create their debut album, which was released November 2017 and is available on all major music services. The single "A Devil's Curse" was featured on WHCP's Indie City program shortly after, and their single "Molly" can be heard on 89.7 WTMD.

Pulling from each of their four unique influences, which include artists such as Coheed and Cambria, Yo-Yo Ma, Stewart Copeland, and Death Cab for Cutie, Ebb & Nova is able to weave emotional depth and panoramic styling in their lyrical songwriting and precise instrumentation. A vibrant combination of personality and professional musical performance commands Ebb & Nova's sets and drives them forward for each and every show.

Ebb & Nova  Amped Recording Studio

Available now on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, and more

Featuring the singles:
     "Molly"   see official video here  || Featured on WTMD 89.7
     "Willow"  Included on alexrainbirdMusic Indie/Indie-Folk Compilation

     "A Devil's Curse"  Featured on WHCP 101.5 Indie City


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Featuring a soaring and enchanting lead vocalist, a tender, sometimes haunting cello, and wonderful, expertly played lead acoustic guitar and percussion, Ebb & Nova’s show at Groove City Studios was enthusiastically received and stood out as one of the best from last year’s musical performance series. The members of Ebb & Nova are unassuming and as down to earth and real as they come. At intervals their songs can be both energetic and lush, cosmic and flowing. Their music always leaves you feeling soothed, satisfied and wanting more. - Drew Sheckler, Indie City WHCP 101.5

Ebb & Nova are professional, kind, and excellent songwriters. They are engaging performers and perfectly balance memorable hooks with instrumental talent. I always look forward to their shows and really enjoy every opportunity to work with them.

- Brian Loeper, Community Center Band

A beautiful ear & eye catching experience. One of those few bands that command attention in any room. One of my favorite acts in Baltimore! - Kevin Hock, Transcendent Events

I love when Ebb & Nova perform. They have an enthusiastic presence and a unique sound. They are also very professional to work with, friendly and read their audiences well. They are definitely an asset to any event! - Heidi Klotzman, CEO HeidnSeek Entertainment

Ebb & Nova is a talented musical group that provides great energy, ambiance and entertainment through their skillful covers and original tunes. They have always been a pleasure in their personal and professional communications. The dynamic group has always been at the top of my recommendations list! - Ashli Johnson, Old Westminster Winery

Ebb & Nova is a breath of fresh air. Their covers are spot on and their original music aims for your heart. - Cyd Wolf, Germano's Cabaret


With a bit of their own elegance and covering an eclectic mix of various musical genres including soul, jazz, rock 'n' roll and Rhythm and Blues, Ebb and Nova seem to hit all the right notes for our diverse clientele. - Rob Arthur, The Ivy Hotel

Honest, heartfelt folk music that seeps into the soul and slowly fills you up with nostalgic, melancholic happiness. The entwining lyrics with plenty of vivid imagery, combined with the soft vocals and instrumentation really make Ebb & Nova something special. One of my favorite recent finds! - Alex Rainbird, Alexrainbird Music

Matthew’s innovative guitar skills and the deep melancholic sounds of Steve’s cello, along with Lauren’s fluid, far-ranging vocals come together for a truly unique sound. With a broad range of music, there is certain to be something for everyone to enjoy. - 


This awesome indie band was discovered by many when their cover video of the Game of Thrones theme made it’s rounds on Facebook.-

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