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Ebb & Nova is a 4 piece indie folk band defying the limits of their own genre who pack an energy soaked performance of unique original material. Cello and guitar melodies drift through the air, surrounded by a haunting and blissful voice, and backed by an eclectic percussive rhythm to craft a sound described as captivating, innovative, and transcendent. A vibrant combination of personality and professional musical performance commands Ebb & Nova's sets and has left audiences wanting more for years.
Lauren and Matthew decided in 2015 that their combined musical talent far outweighed anything they could accomplish individually, and together they made Ebb & Nova. Lauren's blissful yet haunting cadence paired with Matthew's eclectic and distinct tonality to form a sound they thought the world should hear. For half a year, they honed their abilities and played live for many audiences, constantly writing new material and improving their musical versatility. Later, Steven Bainbridge started accompanying the band, whose prowess with the cello lent an amazing depth and emotion to an already blossoming sound. During the fall of 2016, Patrick Brynes was added as a percussionist, combining a variety of drums, shakers, and tambourines to give the band a full, upbeat energy. Ebb & Nova released their first self titled album in November of 2017.
To stay updated on Ebb & Nova's music, upcoming shows, and special announcements, like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and stay connected with the website.
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